The Escapists: the game where you must escape from a jail comes to Google Play

The Escapists

Years ago nobody would have given a hard time for gaming on smartphones, until nowadays PC, PlayStation or XBOX games also arrive for Android. We’re talking, of course, The Escapists.

Indeed, The Escapists, a game previously released for PC and XBOX, arrives today on Android for everyone. In it, you will try to leave the prison in which you are in the purest 8-bit style.
The best prison game ever available for Android

Specifically, The Escapists is the work of the same creators as Worms, but this time they have opted for an 8-bit strategy game in which you will try to get out of prison by learning routines, bribing peers, stealing, digging or basically crafting.

The game is structured in 6 different prisons, each with a different theme and difficulty, besides clear of having different possible escapees. In all of them there is a determining factor: to carry out your sneak activities without missing your routines or constant curfews.

The Escapists has gone out today for everyone on Android at a price of 3.99 euros, with no ads or additional purchases within the game. If you are concerned about the violence or prison environment that the game may transmit, you should know that it is rated for children 7 years and over.

Google Play | The Escapists (3,99 EUR)

For more information, you can check their official website or if you prefer have a look at more strategy games for Android.

Below you can watch the trailer of this game for PC to know how this game works.


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