The European Union wants access to WhatsApp chats


After the horrific attack that took place last Wednesday in London, the European Commission will propose new measures in June to facilitate the police access to encoded data of the instant messaging applications. This would mean that the European Union would implement different tools to access your WhatsApp conversations, among other applications.

The proposal has its origin in statements by the German interior ministers, Thomas de Maiziere, and France, Matthias Fekl, who on Monday asked the European Parliament to force instant messaging applications like WhatsApp to cooperate in the Antiterrorist fight to avoid attacks like those of last week.

The EU Justice Commissioner recently said that he will announce three or four options, including binding legislation and voluntary agreements with companies to allow law enforcement authorities to request information from encrypted applications with a fast and reliable response.

Non-legislative measures to access your WhatsApp talks will be tentative to take a short walk of approval, as negotiations on EU laws can be extended for years before they are passed.

Sorting WhatsApp Encryption and Other Applications

As many will imagine, this implies a different performance in the case of encrypted applications. WhatsApp conversations include encryption that prevents the application itself from accessing user messages, something that the European Commission complains of as we can understand in the following statements:

“At the moment, prosecutors, judges and also law enforcement agencies rely on providers to voluntarily provide access and evidence to the talks. This is not how we can facilitate and guarantee the safety of Europeans, depending on some voluntary action.”

That is why the European Union has initiated talks with large Internet companies on how to give the police access to encrypted data. It is still unclear how the European Union proposal will end because until next summer no progress is expected in the new legislation to accede to WhatsApp chats.

What is clear is that, with security by flag, there are many attempts by the government to have everything under control by reminding us of Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ published in 1949 when the whole Big Brother theme seemed nothing more than Invention of a madman.


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