The Facebook Beta for Android now includes the Explore button

The Facebook application has undergone a series of changes throughout its history, including information about the weather, or the possibility of discovering people who are not in our environment. The developers of the application try to improve it every day, to make it a more complete and enjoyable application to use.

Through Beta version of Facebook for Android, some (and not all) users have access to a new feature called “Explore”. A new feature made to open to reach more people via this social network

facebook explore
The “Browse” feature will show us content from unknown people. With this new feature, Facebook is intended to show us content posted by people who are not included in our list of friends. The selection is automatic, it is done based on our personal interests and the “I like” that we have given.

Now at the bottom of the application, we will see a “Home” button, and right next to the new “Explore” button. As we have already mentioned previously, it will allow us to find external content as in Instagram.

Last month, this same functionality was found in a beta version of iOS, although the test phase has not been followed until the end for its public version. The novelty is not enabled for all users, so you probably will not see it when you open the application.

The changes do not end here, and is that in the new version Beta, has been added the possibility of choosing a Facebook account saved with Google Smart Lock. In addition, regarding the aesthetics, the tabs of “Live” and “Photo” have been changed, going from being under “What are you thinking?”, to be up to optimizing the space.

This is all that brings the latest version of the Facebook beta. It is expected that it can reach Android users, although we do not know when it will officially arrive.


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