The features of the Xiaomi Mi6c, the Lite version of the Mi6

Xiaomi Mi 6

The Xiaomi Mi6 has become one of the best mobile phones in terms of quality. Now, let’s see the Lite version of this mobile, the Xiaomi Mi6c, as its characteristics have appeared in a benchmark.

The Xiaomi Mi6 is one of the most powerful mobiles at the moment. Failure to test it and do an analysis, so we can see that its Snapdragon 835 processor and its RAM makes it one of the best smartphones in the market with better performance. Now, finally we get to see how the Lite version behaves in that section.

The features of the Xiaomi Mi6c come to light in this benchmark

xiaomi mi6c specs

There has been a rumor for a while now about a smaller version of the Xiaomi Mi6 and not actually small in size but in terms of hardware. Even its CEO denied this rumor on social networks but now once again it has hit hard and this time we do not know what to think, whether it is in development or it was a mobile that has already been discarded.

As usual it is normal, we started to see the first features of Xiaomi mobiles in different benchmarks and this time it’s the turn of GFXBench. This benchmark shows that we are in front of a mobile less powerful then Mi6, which would neither have the same RAM nor the same processor but will come with the same screen size. We would be in front of a screen of 5.1 inches, the same that we can find in the Mi6.

This time, they do not opt for the Snapdragon 835, but instead opt for another Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 660, a processor that is destined to reign in the mid-range. Other details of this Mi6c’s datasheet is that it will be released with the latest version of Android, 7.1.1 Nougat, accompanied by the latest available version of its customization layer, MIUI 8.0.

We do not know if Xiaomi will launch this mobile or not, as it can contradict the statement they have given about how there would be no smaller version. It may be the case that the mobile in this benchmark is not Mi6c but another mobile entirely of the Chinese company that can arrive in the coming months, although we remember that Mi5c arrived almost a year later to the market than the normal Mi5. So all there is left to do is to wait for another leak to know more details about the same.


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