The February Security Patch for the Google Nexus and Pixel is Now Available

February Security Patch Reaches Google Devices. The company has just released the security patch for Google Nexus and Pixel, this time in the month of February, which comes to fix potential errors and vulnerabilities that affect Android terminals.

As indicated in the official security bulletin for Android, there are 35 security holes that will be fixed thanks to the patch, some of them being classified as critical, as they allowed code execution on the device remotely.

Google Pixel, February security patch

This month, the security patch has two different “levels.” One of them belongs to February 1st, while the most recent one belongs to yesterday, February 5th. With this in mind, it will be the decision of the different manufacturers to incorporate one or the other in the updates of their devices.

Adding these two levels we find up to 35 safety gaps that have been remedied. Among them, 8 are critical, 18 are of high severity, and 9 are moderately severe. Fortunately, there have been no reported cases of devices affected by these problems

The most serious of these issues is a critical security vulnerability that could allow remote code execution on an affected device through multiple methods such as email, web browsing, and MMS when processing media files.

As always, the patch is now available for download from the official website for Android developers, and the complete list of compatible devices is as follows:

  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus Player
  • Nexus 9
  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel C

The OTA with the February security patch should arrive in the coming days at the terminals mentioned above. In case you do not want to wait, it is possible to download the update to proceed with its installation manually from this link. The rest will have to wait until the corresponding manufacturers decide to provide this patch to their terminals.


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