The FIFA of Nintendo Switch will be ‘FIFA 18’, EA insists: It will be a Customized Version

The FIFA version for Ninetendo Switch will be FIFA 18 and it will be a customized version for this console.

Developer Electronic Arts has come up again to clarify some basic details related to its franchise of soccer star, FIFA, and the version the users will receive for Nintendo Switch. The company of Redwood City, Calif. has assured that the FIFA that will arrive at the coming hybrid platform of Nintendo will be nothing more nor less than ‘FIFA 18’.

The statements were made last weekend in Paris by Peter Moore at an event organized by the company. He insists that it is a customized version.

He said:

“Well, as already assured, we are currently developing a customized version of FIFA for the Nintendo Switch. This version will be no other than FIFA 18, and logically will be available at the end of this year, when all versions of FIFA 18 go on sale in stores.


I want to see the Nintendo Switch at once. We are not far from launching and, in fact, here in Paris, I was really impressed to see the FNAC stores with Nintendo Switch boxes in their windows. ”

When Peter Moore was asked if FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch would be a lower version than the other consoles, since there are rumors that it will be more similar to the versions of PS3 and Xbox 360 instead of those of PS4 and Xbox One – the representative of Electronic Arts merely stated the following. “What you will have will be the fruit of the development of a customized version for Nintendo Switch, which will come from the hands of the development team of FIFA that we have in Vancouver.”

Nintendo Switch will go on sale worldwide on March 3, 2017. In Europe will feature two release editions, one with console and accessories in dark gray and another that comes with Joy-Con of striking colors blue and red.


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