The First Images of the Office Suite with Project Centennial

A few days ago we talked about the Office suite, where Microsoft wants the suite to reach the Windows Store. To do this they are using the Desktop App Converter tool, which is to convert the Win32 applications and in step to implement the features of Windows 10 as the Live Tiles and notifications in the Activity Center.

Desktop App Converter (DAC) or Project Centennial is a tool that allows you to move your existing desktop applications written for .NET 4.6.1 or Win32 to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

WindowsBlogItalia has been able to make a first version of the suite and present some images, which would be in beta in the store with the version number and whose package weighs 951.6 MB, which makes clear its early state of development.

The source indicates that the installation has caused them a good amount of time since it has given them several errors in the startup attempt: “The operating system is not currently configured to run this application.” However, we have finally been able to achieve this and get a first impression of them.

They found these characteristics:

 Cousin-Microsoft-Office Desktop Windows Store

* At the moment it seems that it is only available in English.

– Publisher, Project, Skype for Business and other programs are not started

– Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Excel, andAccess, although if they are started, they suffer frequent shutdowns.

– You can resize Live Tiles.

– Enables or disables Live Tiles.

– Run the program as administrator.

Project Centennial

Remember that according to MSPoweruser sources, Office would not be available in the Windows Store until the release of the Creators Update, so in theory we will have to wait until April. However there is bad news, it seems Microsoft has left Office Mobile a bit out of the way, although they still have plans to release new versions for Windows 10 Mobile in the coming months.

Source: Windowsblogitalia


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