The first Resident Evil 7 DLC comes out on PC and Xbox One

At the end of January and few days ago the first and second DLC additional content for ‘Resident Evil 7’ were released respectively. A little later, the first two episodes of what Capcom has called “Banned Footage” on PC via Steam and Xbox One through the Microsoft Store are released.

Broadening the story

The first episode gives access to the following content:

– Nightmare: Caught in a basement full of unknown horrors, you must fight to survive.

– The bedroom: Tied to a bed, you must try to escape, mocking the mother’s vigilance. Includes extra content: Ethan must die.

In the case of the second additional content we find:

– 21: Participate in a twisted game of cards where your life is …

– Daughters: Experience the events that took place the night that started it all, the beginning of the end for the Baker … Includes extra content: 55th birthday of Jack.

Both chapters are included in the season pass and cost €9.99 for the first one and €14.99 for the second. Capcom is expected to release new content throughout the year maintaining the style seen in these downloadable pieces already published. This means they are planning for a different gameplay than the base game and an extra chapter that delves into the Baker story or even alternate stories.


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