The first update of the Huawei P10 fixes problems with the camera

Huawei P10

It was just over a month ago that this Huawei P10 was introduced in the past Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is a logical evolution of a Huawei P9 that during 2016 has broken sales records and which the Chinese company hopes to repeat success in his new flagship. So it is not surprising that the first update of the P10 comes as soon as the device goes on sale.
The camera of the Huawei P10 has evolved greatly from year to year, trying to become one of the best cameras in the market. Since last year they started betting on the double camera signed by Leica, which has given such good results in Huawei Mate 9 and P9. Today, we get news about an update of the terminal that could cause the camera to solve some errors that it had.

It is a small update that improves some problems of the camera that Huawei P10 had with Google Voice. They also have fixed the bug they had with the preview theme on the photo screen.

The update seems to be available in Europe in the first place, but has not been yet received by all the mobiles globally. Still, those who have their hands on a P10 should check the availability of the update by accessing the System Update menu from the configuration of the smartphone. The update size is 245MB and comes with an official changelog where all changes are mentioned.

First, the update should fix an issue where the camera was not able to start in Google Voice. In addition, Huawei solves a problem with the camera preview screen, which does not catches certain situations correctly.

In addition, Huawei says the upgrade should improve system performance and stability to make the phone run much smoother. Unsurprisingly, since this is a maintenance update, updating the Huawei P10 should not delete any of your personal data hosted on the phone, but we recommend taking a backup.


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