The Galaxy Note7 is Proof that the Batteries Should be Removable

removable battery

The problem of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was battery. None of us were surprised that Samsung gave this news. We already knew that something was there that failed, because it is not normal for a battery to explode just like that.

Samsung’s problem is that, in its desire to make thinner and thinner phones, it had a design problem that caused a short circuit. That, and everything that happened later, could have been avoided with a removable battery.

Look at it this way. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 and the S7 edge are the two most complicated phones to repair, because they are simply a mixture of glass and glue that makes opening and closing them complicated to the point that, if you break the screen, it is better to buy a new phone, because the cost of repair is too high. Well imagine what it is like to replace the battery, something that according to iFixit is almost impossible.

The thing is this: would not it be preferable to make a phone a little fatter and put a replaceable battery? That way, Samsung would have saved having to collect the three million Note7. Everything would have been solved by sending an additional battery without defects that the user could have been able to change. Simple and easy.

The unibody bodies are fine, and I will not be the one to say that the S7 edge is ugly. I think it is a beautiful phone, however, I am clear that at the time the battery fails I will not be able to buy an official replacement to replace it because I do not have the ability to do this repair.

I’ll have to send it to the SAT, which does not shine for its speed, and we have wait. But not only that, but it is also conditioning the user who does not want to send the SAT – or do not know how to do – to change models. We are not talking about anything other than scheduled obsolescence.

From my point of view, removable batteries should remain a standard on Android, just as microSD cards should be. I find it a complete mistake to sacrifice valuable functions and utilities, such as changing the battery, in exchange for a better design which has proved to be bad for Samsung.

The removable battery technology could solve future problems similar to those of Note7. You can buy a battery of the S7 edge for about $25-$30. Assume that the price of a Note7 battery can be about $30. Taking into account that there have been three million terminals, this fiasco would have cost Samsung 90 million dollars. However, it has cost 4.863 billion dollars. The difference is remarkable.

If the Note7 had a removable battery, Samsung would have solved the problem in two weeks, the user would have changed the battery gratefully and ready. However, Samsung has played its reputation and that of its Note range globally. It is true that they will make sure that this kind of thing does not happen again, but the truth is that there are things that work and are useful. One of those functions is to extract the battery, and to eliminate it is a mistake.


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