The Gamecube emulator on Android works perfectly on a Galaxy S8

Gamecube-emulator-Galaxy S8

Emulators are very necessary tools in the world of video games. Thanks to them, we can play old consoles that otherwise would have been forgotten as they reqiure a physical console to play their games. Virtually almost all sixth-generation consoles can be used as emulators today in a computer, while the mobiles are limited to laptops and fifth-generation consoles not emulating consoles like Gamecube or PlayStation 2.

Dolphin allows to emulate GameCube without performance problems

As mobile emulators become more powerful, you can start porting emulators that we already find on a computer. This is the case of Dolphin. This popular emulator allows you to play Gamecube games and the original Wii on PC. While for Wii still needs a little more power, Dolphin seems to finally work well on Android phones thanks to the power offered by the Samsung Galaxy S8, whose processors are up to 20-30% more powerful than the previous generation.

Dolphin has been available on Android for a few months, but basically as something experimental and intended for developers, being far from stable and offer an acceptable performance for games, preventing a comfortable play.

That was until 2017, since the most powerful mobiles of this year already seem to be able to move the emulator without problems, with processors like the Exynos 8895 and the Snapdragon 835. A YouTube channel called GuruAidTechSupport has uploaded a video with the Dolphin emulator and have demonstrating it.

In the video we can see how they run without problems of performance while playing three of the best games of Gamecube: Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Until now, the games could be run, but their low FPS made them practically unplayable.

We can use the controls of the screen or put a command through OTG

As with other emulators, games can be controlled by touch buttons on the screen (a real punishment to use precisely), or we can also use a Bluetooth control or OTG connectivity through the USB port of the mobile, which has the advantage of having no input lag.

In this way, it has been achieved that Gamecube is completely playable on a mobile, thus advancing Nintendo Switch in introducing compatibility with the classic games of Gamecube through the expected Virtual Console of the company. Dolphin adds to the large number of emulators that work properly on Android, offering thousands of hours of gameplay for thousands of classic titles of many consoles.


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