The Google Play Store allows few developers to give away their paid apps for free

Google Play Store has allowed a few developers to give their paid apps for free. This may a kind of promotional technique which the company might be testing. If this strategy offers positive results, maybe developers in future will have the option to add discounts to the applications will be added.

In recent months Google has been changing the dynamics of the Play Store and it seems that the trend continues. It seems that the Play Store allows some developers to make temporary offers of their payment applications, offering them for free for a certain amount of time. An example of this dynamic is the one that looks when looking for Blaze and the Monster Machines. We can download it for free for the next 5 days, according to the promo.

So far, the developers did not have this option, since Google policies do not allow them to do this type of promotions or offer the app for free.

They could only pass their app for free, if they wanted, but definitely not as part of a promo or offer. There are no comments from Google yet. So we do not know if it’s just a test or if it’s an option already available to all developers.

And of course, it is also not possible to specify what types of requirements developers have to satisfy in order to benefit from this option.

If implemented, it can turn out to be an interesting change to enhance the marketing strategy that developers implement to increase their revenue.


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