The green Oppo R9S smartphone sells out in record time

Oppo R9S Green Colour

With the passage of time we are seeing how, within a few minima, the power of the mobiles is staying in the background, leaving the utmost importance to the design. After all, the ergonomics and the feeling of being comfortable with the smartphone in hand are very important aspects that we all should consider when buying a terminal.

Recently, on the occasion of the April Fools Day, Oppo released a version of the Oppo R9s of a very peculiar color, which, seemed to be a joke. But now, we have known that this terminal has been exhausted in record time.

A few months ago we told you about the Oppo R9S, possibly the best phone of the Chinese company, came to try to dominate the midrange with its Snapdragon 625 and its 4 GB of RAM under a Full HD screen of 5.5 inches. Something that looks like it’s going to be standard in the Chinese mid-range.

Recently, because of April Fools Day, Oppo decided to put on sale a new model of Oppo R9S in a color that many have called ‘green mucus’. Although it seems a joke, this model took only two minutes to run out.

This is rather strange, as recently Apple released a model of their iPhone 7 red, and this, has received a number of criticisms, although personally I consider it to be the most beautiful colors which Apple has introduced.

Samsung had received similar criticism in the past for introducing colors and materials that facilitate their phones. Something I do not understand, neither in the case of Apple nor in the case of Samsung, its better to have more options as it gives users to choose the color they like.


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