The HTC U Ocean arrives on May 16 with pressure-sensitive frames


HTC is in a strange situation. Everything pointed out that we would see HTC 11 pass MWC of Barcelona but still to this day we have no official news of that device. However now we have HTC U Ocean, next flagship of the brand that would surpass HTC 10 as the star terminal of the manufacturer’s catalog.

At the beginning of the year the company had already introduced the new HTC U Ultra as well as the HTC U Play, two phones without enough specifications to attract the attention of a larger audience. This should not happen with the HTC U Ocean, the most powerful smartphone to date of the signature, whose presentation has just been officially announced for May 16. It was announced by the manufacturer through its Twitter profile.

Features of the HTC U

With the motto “Squeeze for the Brilliant U”, we can assume that this confirms the rumor that this terminal would hit the market by presuming pressure-sensitive frames. In this way users can push the phone to perform different actions. In fact, the hand that appears holding the smartphone in the video exerts a slight pressure on it, resulting in a response of the device.

Another detail left by this tweet is that we should no longer call the terminal HTC U Ocean, but simply HTC U. A somewhat strange decision to present the standard model before the base model.

Earlier leaks have linked this phone with high-end components such as Snapdragon 835 processor, a clear evolution regarding HTC U Ultra, which was presented with a Snapdragon 821. Other specifications of the HTC U Ocean such as RAM, internal storage, cameras, battery capacity and more, have been discussed previously, although nothing has been confirmed yet. However, the presence of the latest Snapdragon chip, if true, should bode well for the inclusion of high-end components such as 64GB or 128GB internal storage, 4GB or 6GB RAM and Android 7.1.2 Nougat.


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