The Huawei P10 will be the Most Expensive Terminal Ever Seen in the P series

Huawei P10

Much of the flow of rumors about different devices we have seen lately is due to the Huawei P10. This is one of the most anticipated phones of the year, and it’s not to be missed, since it only takes a look at its predecessor to realize that the Asian company will have difficult to outdo itself.

However, the leaks that have emerged so far paint an extremely balanced smartphone with seemingly insurmountable features and truly enviable construction. Unfortunately, all this has its negative side, and is that the price of this terminal will not be affordable to many.
If you want a Huawei P10, go and prepare your wallet. We all owe it to the professional leakster Ricciolo, who in his twitter account with user @ricciollo1 has made a comment that could disturb many users. Specifically, this user has referred to the Huawei P10 claiming that we prepare to see the most expensive device within the line P.

Let alone the #porsche design, get ready for the most #expensive P device ever #Huawei # mwc17 #crazy prices – Ricciolo (@ Ricciolo1) January 23, 2017

If we recall, the popular Huawei P9 hit the market last year for a price of $599 in its 32GB version, while if we wanted the 64GB of internal storage, the price amounted to $649. It should be noted that the P series also includes the Huawei P9 Plus, which had a price at launch of $749.

Unfortunately, this means that if you planned to get the Huawei P10 when it comes to market, you will have to pay more than $749, or so says this source. Undoubtedly, we are talking about a perhaps somewhat exaggerated amount of money for a device that, on average, is renewed every 2 years.

In short, we may have reached a point in the history of smartphones in which the prices of these are getting out of hand. Do you think it normal to have to pay such amount of money for a smartphone?


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