The ingestible robots could be reality thanks to the use of Gelatin

Gelatin Robots

Many of the technological advances that are already coming to this day have been considered as science fiction years ago. Now we are going to tell you another technological advance that, no doubt, will surprise. These are ingestible robots for medical purposes.

Last week, from the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale, located in Lausanne, Switzerland, the researchers of the same have shared their work on the progress of an ingestible robotic actuator made of gelatin. Although still in its early stages of development, they could make it possible for robots to be ingested in the future to move along the digestive tract to perform some activities such as the provision of medicines, among others.

These ingestible robots would be composed of actuators along with ingestible electronic components that are already on the market, such as sensors, cameras, among others. As pointed out from ReCode, these actuators would be responsible for the movements of the robots themselves, which, instead of being driven by motors as in conventional robots, would allow movements through the filling of air or reactions to chemicals.

Its size would be three to five centimeters in length and does not have any electronics, being totally digestible by the human body unlike other electronic components, which are finally expelled.

In this way, at some point in the future we could have ingestible robots that help in medicine to diagnose, to apply medicines, among other tasks, within the human body itself.


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