The iPhone 7 Continues to Lose Market Share in China

China is probably one of the markets to keep in mind, a market in full growth that according to several studies could only shade the Indian market. It is a market with a lot of competition in which it is quite difficult to release a new device. And that’s why today we bring you a news related to the sales of the iPhone 7 in China.

IDC analysts, experts in the Asian giant market, confirm a big drop in sales of the iPhone 7 that has led Apple to be the fifth maker of mobile devices in sales within the Chinese market. A bad news for the Cupertino guys.

“The iPhone 7 is neither novel nor attractive, it does not provide anything that cannot be achieved with a Chinese smartphone that can be bought in the Asian giant for a price much lower than the iPhone 7.” , this is what the IDC said and what would lead us to think that Chinese users prefer to opt for smartphones of Oppo, Huawei, or Vivo company. Of course, we are told, sales of the iPhone 7 would be above the sales of Xiaomi smartphones.
In the end being inside China and by avoiding shipping prices and tariffs smartphones from China brands are much more competitive than Apple devices.

Despite this bad news for Cupertino guys, you can rest easy, the Apple App Store is the most used app store in China, users rely on the quality of applications and games that can be purchased through the App Apple Store, and obviously know that their data are much safer than other app stores of dubious creators. We will see how the Chinese market reacts to the arrival of the iPhone 8. The report also confirms that the fall in sales could also be due to expectations with the next Apple iPhone.


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