The Joy-Con of Nintendo Switch is compatible with Android, Windows and Mac

Nintendo Switch Joy Con

Joy-Cons are compatible with Android, Windows and Mac, but you will not be able to play with them for now. With opinions of all kinds, there is no doubt that the new Nintendo Switch is being one of the main topics of conversation during these last weeks. Nintendo’s latest console seems to be what users were looking for, and what the Japanese company needed to get back on top of the gaming scene.

In addition, the Nintendo Switch is full of secrets and different surprises that we know with the passing of days. Just a few hours ago we completely dismantled the new console, and now, thanks to the French Twitter account Nintendo Actu, we know that the controllers of the Nintendo Switch, called Joy-Cons, can be used integrated with our favorite operating systems.

As noted, Joy-Con are natively recognized by Android devices thanks to the Bluetooth connection used by these controllers. Unfortunately, due to the high latency of these, it is not possible to use them correctly when playing.

On the other hand, it would be necessary to “map” the buttons of the drivers with the different Android controls. Luckily, this would be a simple process thanks to existing applications on Google Play intended for this purpose.

It is unknown if this latency problem can be remedied, either by Nintendo through a software update, or with some tool developed by the community behind Android. Be that as it may, the native compatibility of Android controllers thanks to the Bluetooth connection is a good start.

And we must remember that, today, the Nintendo Switch suffers some connectivity problems that the firm should remedy as soon as possible, and that could be related to this excessive latency that some owners of the new Nintendo console and Android devices have been able to check.


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