‘The Legend of Zelda’: Link’s Last Name Revealed After 30 years

We do not know if to consider it as a great mystery in the franchise of The Legend of Zelda, as it is not something that I personally have ever asked myself, but at least a rather interesting curiosity. Did you know that Link has a last name? Over these 30 years it seems to have been an even greater secret than the official chronology of the series, which was kept locked during all this time until, a few years ago, was officially unveiled in Hyrule History.

But that’s right, Hyrule’s hero has his own surname, and is canonical as it has been confirmed by his own father, the person who created the story and the character: Shigeru Miyamoto. The news has been unveiled as part of the promotional campaign of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the coming title for Nintendo Switch and Wii U. However the announcement has not been given through the official channels of Nintendo.

What is the name of Link? Stay calm because you surely need a chair to take a seat and breathe after knowing the last name. All prepared and all? Well, let’s go! The surname of Link is Link. So, the full name of Link is Link Link. Original eh?

Miyamoto’s when it comes to trolling is infinite. Do you remember when a teaser was issued calling the fans to meet on a certain date if they wanted to know the name of Bowsy’s mother? Finally he stayed with everyone, just like now, announcing that the name if the “mother” is his name, Shigeru Miyamoto himself. Now when he calls the Hylian by his full name it will seem that we imitate the onomatopoeia of a rupee when it is obtained.


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