The LG G6 comes with an enhanced Quad DAC sound chip

The LG G6 will incorporate an improved Quad DAC sound chip. LG will launch its new LG G6 smartphone in less than two weeks and today the company has revealed that its new smartphone will come with a Quad DAC (Analog-to-Digital Converter).

The new Quad DAC will be supplied by ESS, a company specializing in high-quality sound chips, with features such as precise left and right sound control, improved balance and greater noise reduction.

The DAC is the device that converts the digital signals formed by 0 and 1 into analog signals that we can listen to. The better the DAC, the less distortion and noise the sound that reaches our ears. A Quad DAC implements four DACs on a single chip, reducing the size by four and reducing noise by up to 50% compared to using a single DAC.

Last year LG launched the LG V20, the first smartphone with Quad DAC and will continue on this route with the LG G6.

The new Quad DAC allows you to effectively control the left and right channels of the headphones. In addition, it will adjust the sound balance so that users can enjoy the sound as if it were in a concert hall.

The LG G6 will also eliminate the noise and provide a clean sound. The new Quad DAC has improved the integration of the circuits and reduced the negative distortion to 0.0002%.

The internal channels of sound transmission within the chip have become larger, so users can enjoy high-quality 32-bit sound sources with better quality than ever before.


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