The LG G6 Could be Launched in Several Different Versions

After the poor economic result from the LG G5 modular, 2017 is a good year and can scratch better figures thanks to the next terminal from LG: the LG G6. To this end, South Korean managers have made two decisions: the first is to abandon the system of modules and the second to launch several different versions of the device.

The company would have already registered the trade names of LG G6, LG G6 C, LG G6 L, LG G6 M and LG G6 One. These terminals provide a range to users in terms of both price and specifications.

If go with the names present, we could venture that the C would correspond to a Compact version, the L to a version called Lite and the M to a major version, named Max. Although it is not officially announced, but it seems almost confirmed that this is what the smartphones will be called.

In this way, we would have a normal version, a smaller one but equally powerful (C), another with a very similar design but cut in specifications (L) and another with a larger screen size (M); As long as our theories are fulfilled.

But not only that. There would also be a fifth device called LG G6 One. On this mysterious terminal there is no data beyond the name. We do not know which market niche could be targeted, but it seems that it is something that goes out of the line of sizes and dimensions that we have shed previously. Maybe it is a modular one? We will see.

Although we would like it to be, we do not have official information, so it is better to take these rumors with caution. Hopefully from here to the MWC that will be held at the end of this month, we can see more information of what LG has prepared from us.


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