The LG G6 has 40,000 bookings in just 4 days

LG g6

Without a doubt, the LG G6 has been one of the undisputed protagonists of the MWC 2017. The South Korean firm has managed to make us forget the unsuccessful modular concept of the LG G5 with its new terminal, which this time seems to have everything to enter the fight with other big terminals.

A good proof of this has been the good reception by the users, and is that, since last Thursday March 2, the date in which the device was launched in the country of origin, has already reached the figure of 40,000 reserved units, as pointed out by SlashGear.

It seems that LG’s strategy, launching its flagship before that of rival and neighbor, Samsung, is paying off. With 40,000 bookings in just 4 days, at 10,000 bookings per day, this is certainly a great start in the market for the new terminal of the firm.

Indeed, the new smartphone star of the firm has the necessary capabilities to achieve the top of the current phone landscape. It is true that in its interior has a processor of the past year, Snapdragon 821, and not the 835 new batch. Still, its revamped design, a spectacular screen with a novel format and certain details such as resistance to water and dust appear to be attractive enough to have plunged 40,000 South Koreans in just 4 days.

Although the reservations began on the 2nd day, it will not be until next March 10 when the terminal goes on sale, and the first units begin to be sent to their buyers. We will have to see, yes, how good is the welcome in the rest of the market, especially given that not all countries will receive the same variant of the new LG phone.


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