The LG G6 is Filtered in Detail in These Leaked Images

While we have already seen a few images of the LG G6, today we have witnessed the first large-scale filtration of photographs of this device which are apparently real. We had never before had our hands on such a large number of images of one of the most anticipated devices of the year.

It has been thanks to Android Pure that we have been able to take a look at this set of photographs that show in detail the LG G6, which comes to renew its unfortunate predecessor, the LG G5. Undoubtedly, this is a fairly recognizable design that follows the recent aesthetic language of LG as a company, however, there seem to be some features that draw powerfully attention.

This is LG G6 in all its glory


As can be seen from the filtered images, the LG G6 will boast a fairly recognizable design that, while moving away from that of the LG G5, continues the style inherited by other brand terminals like the LG V20. According to the images, we can deduce that the device has not lost the jack of 3.5 mm, a fashion which is followed by several smartphones recently.

On the other hand, everything seems to indicate that the LG G6 retains the USB type C and that the device only has a speaker located in the lower right. The fingerprint sensor is housed underneath the camera, presumably dual. The volume up/down buttons are located on the left edge of the terminal, while no power on / off button is visible, at least in these images.

As far as specifications are concerned, the leaks hold that the LG G6 will be accompanied by the Snapdragon 821 inside, while the screen size will presumably be 5.7 inches with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 pixels and 16: 9 aspect ratio.


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