The Long War 2 Mod is Now Available on XCOM 2

long war 2


Distributor 2K Games and developer Firaxis Games announced that Long War 2, the sequel to the XCOM 2 mod is now available. This PC mod is available through Steam Workshop.

Long War 2 is the new Mod in which Pavonis Interactive studio (formerly known as Long War Studios) is working for PC. Although we have not confirmed the release date of the Mod we are looking forward to try it out, XCOM 2 has its faults like all but it is a title of great quality and as you can check in our analysis has left us very good feelings. Just like you can see the news that goes out of this Mod on the page of XCOM 2.

The changes that this Mod will bring go beyond small additions (which also has them): a new Technical class is added, new weapons Reel Cannons, but above all, redesign the Geovista to manage the Resistance like never before podio.

The new class Technician is a soldier capable of carrying heavy weapons while having a secondary weapon, can choose between the rocket launcher or flamethrower. Here we want to emphasize that nothing is said of other weapons as The Shredder, we assume that it will be compatible too but we can not guarantee it since they didn’t say it.

The new weapons, Coil Cannons will be placed with a power slightly lower than the Lightning Weapons, but although we cannot confirm anything if your charger is wider than the Lightning Weapon will surely compensate for the change. They will unlock with an investigation and claim that the costs to get them will be quite high.

But the above is nothing, the strong comes now. Now each region with which we have established contact has a starting count with a number of rebels to whom we must distribute among the different available tasks that are to obtain supplies, to recruit more rebels or soldiers and to obtain information to unlock new missions. Also in each region we can deploy a counselor who can be a scientist, an engineer or a soldier to obtain improvements and even improve the defenses, we imagine that it will be an improvement of the style turrets like those that we can put when a UFO gets to disable our ship. These rebels may die during reprisals and missions and even Advent may infiltrate the faceless among them.

We can deploy several squadrons at a time at different points by playing each of these missions individually

For its part, Advent will try to attack nearby regions, if an Advent region feels safe for them, they will try to build a facility to progress in the Avatar Project. Nor will they stand idly by when you remove a region, they may try to retrieve it

With Long War 2 a series of changes to the game campaign are presented, including the introduction of new mission scenarios such as Jailbreak, the Technical class for your XCOM soldiers and the most varied counter-operations of ADVENT forces.

Do not miss the 2 full length videos of Long War 2 for XCOM 2 below.



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