The Filtered Map of ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Reveals Some Details of the Game

Horizon: Zero Dawn

In a month will come to PlayStation 4 one of the most anticipated projects of the platform, Guerrilla’s second major project after the remarkable ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’, released as one of the titles that kept many gamers waiting for long.

Although we know many details of this long awaited adventure, some features are still to be discovered, such as the extension of the mapping of the project, the different areas that will count on the different tribes that will populate this vast world, since in the last hours we have our hands on filtered image what could be the final map that we see on our consoles.

As we can see in the map at the top, we will find three large zones divided between wooded areas, snowy and desert areas. Although it seems that all of them will be divided evenly along the map, finding along the same what we could consider is the different tribes distributed in the different territories, since in each one of them we can find different icons that are only of exclusive form in those zones.

If we take into account the images displayed and the position of the different icons, we could find a large map, similar to what was supposed ‘Skyrim’ at the time, although to be able to verify it we must wait for the March 1. The title will be available in European stores after a phased launch that will begin on 28 February.

If you cannot wait for its release date, you can always take a look at video trailer of this game, where you will get to know more about this title. Watch the story trailer of ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ in this video:


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