The Moto Mod that carries a physical keyboard QWERTY to Moto Z exists

Moto Mod QWERTY keyboard

Soon you will be able to use a physical keyboard in your Moto Z. The Moto Mod that carries a physical keyboard QWERTY to Moto Z is listed on a crowdfunding platform and we want one.

After seeing how the developer community behind the Moto Mods surprised us with creations as amazing as a solar-charged Mod, a walkie-talkie and even a breathalyzer, now comes another developer who wants to make us fall in love with the most nostalgic owners of a Moto Z with its new creation.

The Moto Mod which can be seen in the image that heads this article is a physical keyboard sliding QWERTY. This goes back to the times of the HTC G1 and G2 or the Motorola Milestone itself launched in 2009 by the firm before being acquired by the Chinese giant.

In a publication on Reddit, the creator himself introduces this Moto Mod, which aims to improve the user experience when writing with his terminal. It offers a sliding QWERTY physical keyboard attached to the back of the smartphone, thanks to the magnetized pins intended for the modules.

The Moto Mod also has the necessary opening to be able to use the camera of the device without having to remove the keyboard, and inside it integrates a battery of 2,100 mAh that add to the original capacity of Moto Z, Moto Z Play or Moto Z Force, and that many Lenovo handset users will appreciate.

The keyboard, consisting of five rows of keys, includes several buttons dedicated to specific functions that will allow writing text with greater speed. For example, we will find a key only to insert the prefix “www.”.

The project will soon start being available on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and although no price or launch date has been specified, we can register on the page to be notified of all the news.


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