The My People function being tested on Windows 10 Redstone 3

Windowss 10 My People

Windows 10 finally launches the feature that makes it easy to manage the contacts from the taskbar. The work of Microsoft developers seems to have no end as it happens to all in the leading software companies in the world but more when referring to a giant like this. Only a few days ago they released the Creators Update of Windows 10, then the Redstone 3, that is already working and begins to see its first novelties.

In fact only a few hours ago this was put into the hands of members of its Insider program, specifically for the participants in the fast ring. It’s a new one but an important Build, the 16184, with some news that for the first time it have shown in a functional way. There is no doubt that the most striking in this case is the arrival of one of the most anticipated features known as My People in Redstone 3.

In fact this is something that initially the Redmond firm had planned to implement in the recently released Creators Update, which created a great expectation. However, due to various internal problems this had to be postponed. The basic objective of this interesting novelty is none other than to try and facilitate the maximum ways we can interact with our contacts, in any platform, from its own Windows 10 taskbar.

For the first time, it has been possible to verify the actual operation on-site, at least in an approximate way, of My People, which has been a great advance in the development of Redstone 3. This will allow us to access our contacts with a simple click of Mouse and in that instant we will be able to exchange instant messages, photographs and even jointly choose the application that we want to use to chat in that group, everything would be done from the already mentioned taskbar of the system.

For the first time the My People feature is tested in Windows 10. However, at the moment My People only allows us to set up groups with a maximum of 3 people, but this figure is expected to increase over time until its official launch later this year. Likewise, it is also expected that the features that this My People will propose to carry out among the members of the group, will also increase, such as sharing applications running, or even being able to play certain games together.

However the most striking thing is that this integration seems to be going well and along with the renewal of the user interface thanks to Project NEON, are perhaps the two most important new features of the Redstone 3 update of Windows 10.


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