The Mystic team wins the latest Pokémon GO event

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO celebrated a special event from 5th to 8th May in which, to commemorate the arrival of spring, they increased the presence of plant-type creatures. As surely many of you know, last week was a fun event of Pokémon GO in which we noticed a sudden increase in grass type Pokémon.

Users have been able to capture many more Pokémon of that class based on which there was the competition to note which team could capture the most Pokémon.

This time the developer of this installment, Niantic, brings us a series of data about the performance of the players during the event. According to which, the winner among the three teams was Team Mystic, who accumulated approximately 116 million Pokémon Grass type. In second place is Team Valor with 102 million grass type Pokémon captured and finally Team Instinct captured 72 million grass type Pokémon.

Pokémon Go organizes lots of fun after events. For example, how many kilometers were spent during Halloween, how many eggs were burned during Easter and how many Magikarp were captured during the Water Festival. This time they announced after the Grass Festival of Pokémon GO that Team Mystic captured most Pokémon during the event. It was not just a little more but fourteen million more than Valor and even 44 million more than Instinct.

Furthermore, we do not expect that this win for Pokémon GO Team Mystic has further benefits for the team. Nevertheless, game fans are already speculating about a way to release the legendary Pokémon in a battle. We are curious about which team you are and why you chose them.

Pokémon GO is a free application for iOS and Android systems. It gives players the opportunity to wander the streets of their city while capturing their favorite Pokémon creatures.


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