The new Facebook bot allows you to send money through Messenger

TransferWise has developed a Facebook Messenger bot that allows us to send money to individuals and companies that have that application installed.

It is clear that the power to pay from the mobile is already a reality in many countries, and soon will be something much more normal than anecdotal.

However, other actions related to money are not usually made through mobile phones, despite the insistence of many startups to create solutions that make this possible.

Now it is TransferWise, the English company, which has launched a new option to send and receive money but instead of developing an application have created a bot in Facebook Messenger.

The new Facebook bot allows you to send money through the messaging app. The option to send and receive money in Facebook Messenger was already a reality but only for users of the United States, something that was limited in use to those other countries.

The TransferWise bot allows users to send money to other users as long as they reside in the United States, England, Canada, Australia or Europe, being the first option that allows international shipping within this app.

Simply by chatting with this service we can send money to other users without leaving the messaging application.

The API of this system makes it possible to port it to other apps so it would not be surprising that services like Telegram would end up adopting it sooner rather than later.

On the other hand the bot incorporates an alert system, thanks to which we are notified every morning with the ratio of exchange between two currencies that we have established, in case we usually send money on a recurring basis and the state of each currency at any moment is important.


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