The new Facebook video app comes to Samsung Smart TV

A few weeks ago we knew that Facebook was planning to launch its application focused exclusively on video content. Now finally that application has become reality and could become a good preview of what the social network could do in the future by focusing on fighting against YouTube. We now know the details of this new video application by Facebook that is now available in Samsung Smart TV.

Today we have known that the video application of Facebook focused on video content has already reached the Samsung Smart TV. Although not available for all Smart TV models from Samsung, we will have the opportunity to install this app on all TVs from 2015 until now. This new application focuses entirely on videos and would have a similar use to YouTube, although of course with the nuances offered by the use of social network. This Facebook app already anticipated a few weeks ago revealing possible versions for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Samsung Smart TV.

This Facebook video application allows you to see on the TV screen those videos that are shared with us by our Facebook friends, as well as other pages or brands that we normally follow. But not only that as with this app we can also search videos all over the network, similar to YouTube. Because after all the goal of the application is to offer an alternative to YouTube that also offers us all the information in the form of video of all those contents that are shared in our wall.

Undoubtedly, the goal of Facebook is to offer all its users the possibility to remain connected to the social network from the television itself, with content that is also conducive to this support. It is a new way to enjoy Facebook that is not far from YouTube, It can be a serious competition for the latter, taking into account that Facebook has hundreds of millions of users around the world, who could now move to the application of Facebook videos for the added value of the social network. This is another step on the part of Facebook to increase their income through video content of which we are learning many details lately.


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