This new game developed by Google and Oreo gives another reference to Android 8.0 Oreo

We continue with speculation about the name of the next version of Google’s operating system. After the gif of a cake made with cookies Oreo, published by Hiroshi Lockheimer, vice president of Android, rumors began to be made about the possible name of Android 8.0.

It seems that Oreo and Google have come together to develop a kind of game. Is this another clue to the name of Android 8.0 Oreo? In this game we have the possibility of launching a virtual Oreo cookie to see in which glass of foreign milk appears. We can try this mini-game on the official page, all we have to do is scan a brand cookie with the camera of our device.

The game consists of scanning the cookie as we have mentioned before, we will have to keep it firmly so that it does not move, this way we will measure the firmness with which we hold the device and in this way the cookie will be launched to anywhere in the world .

According to our friends of PhoneArena, they have been responsible for launching a cookie from Barcelona, and this one arrived at a remote island next to the well-known Madagascar. So it makes one game entertaining and curious at a time, but this is not the issue.

What we mean with all this is the possibility of being a new clue on the name of the new version of Android. What do they do all this for? Rumors suggest that it will end up being called Oreo, since otherwise it would not make any sense whatsoever they do.

First the gif released by the vice president of Android, and now the cookie game. There are already two clues that Android O could be Android Oreo. It is highly possible that Oreo would be the name since the references they are making lately to the well-known cookie brand and knowing that all versions of Android have a sweet name.


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