The new Nokia 3310 will arrive next week in Europe

nokia 3310

Last February Nokia presented at the MWC in Barcelona the return of Nokia 3310 to the markets, unleashing the expectation around them by pulling nostalgia and a reduced price. Now the new Nokia 3310 will go on sale next week in Europe with a higher than expected price.

It seems to lie that a phone of its characteristics has become a sensation as this new Nokia 3310, a phone that remembers the design of the model of 2001 and which in the beginning was going to reach the market at a price of 49 Euros.

The information we have known now suggests that next week the new Nokia 3310 will be put on sale in several countries around the world. Now, reviewing the list of these countries and the prices they reach we can see how the initial price announced by Nokia of 49 Euros (around $50) is not met in either case, either for a greater or less difference.

For example, Sweden has already listed the new Nokia 3310 at a price of no less than 93 Euros, specifies that it is a 3G version, almost twice its original price. In Austria it will begin to sell on April 28 at a price of 59 Euros, ten more than originally revealed, while in other retailers in that country offer them for 53 Euros. In Germany we can also find some interesting examples, with the new Nokia 3310 at a price of 58 Euros. Several stores have put it on sale, and in all cases we talk about the 2G version, because at the moment it has officially announced another variant.

In any case this Nokia 3310 will not be an expensive mobile evidently, if we do not compare it with any other smartphone. Evidently the purchase of this mobile is moved more by the nostalgia and the practical sense than to have some characteristics. As you know it has a new design, strongly inspired by the original model, comes with camera, color screen, the legendary snake game and also the original tones of Nokia. In short, a kind of time capsule that has certainly convinced a priori many buyers, who are looking forward to the arrival of the new Nokia 3310.


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