The new Prisma includes style store and the possibility to create photo filters

Prisma app update

Prisma, the mobile application for the transfer of styles, or in other words, that makes use of Artificial Intelligence to convert real images into works of art of different styles, announces a pair of novelties with which they seek to maintain the community of users leaving the application.

First of all, there is the new style store integrated in the application, a place where users can browse and get those styles they are interested in. At the moment, all existing styles are available for free. With the addition of the store, it is also possible for users to eliminate those styles that they hardly make use of and to have only those they are interested in using.

From Prisma they commit to add new styles weekly in the new store although at the moment it is not intended to offer paid styles, in a way, opens this possibility in the future. Of course, they point out that in the near future, users will be able to classify and share styles with their friends.

And second is the launch of a desktop tool, via the web, by which users can create their own styles, although by the way, the interface is not very refined and is only available to those who are very users who regularly use Prisma.

While they point that the creation process may take an hour, there are those who have had to wait much longer to have their own styles. The operation consists in the use of a series of sliders.

Prisma promises that they will also launch this tool in their mobile application as it is “a mobile company”. With all this, from Prisma they want to mark differences against their rivals and continue to maintain their status within the segment that application has created.


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