The New Sony Sensor Will Reach Recordings at 1,000 fps

The new Sony sensor can record at 1000 fps in Full HD resolution. It is true that Sony today is a shadow of what it was as far as smart phone business. However this does not mean that the company is not benefiting from the revolution of this device.

At the moment the Japanese firm is a leader in the manufacture of sensors for the cameras of the mobile phones. As many of you know Exmor sensors can be found in a large number of smartphones, and this translates into a large amount of revenue that the company invests in R&D.

The company’s new sensor is up to eight times faster than one of its latest sensors, the IMX378 we can find on devices like the Google Pixel, even Apple or Samsung use their sensors. With it we will be able to record videos in slow motion at 1,000 fps, a stratospheric figure compared to the 240 fps that most of today’s high end devices allow us.

The last sensor consists of three layers with a DRAM memory incorporated in them. It consists of two layers, which serve to process the signals and structure the pixels, accompanied by a DRAM layer of high speed.

What does this DRAM allow? With it you can store all the images at an incredible speed never seen before on smartphones. With this we will have videos in slow motion up to eight times slower than the conventional ones, besides capturing images four times faster than in other devices.

With this increase in lecture speed, the distortion that exists in the focal plane, which occurs from the reading of the bottom part of an image by the camera, is reduced. In the following image Sony shows us with a comparison.

Sony has confirmed that this new technology will be used in smartphones but has not said anything about the release date. It is very likely that will take time to market it to the best level.


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