The new ‘Titanfall 2’ Live Fire mode comes with double experience

Electronic Arts has announced that from today you can start enjoying the Live Fire mode for Titanfall 2 in the versions of PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It is one of game which we have been talking for some time and in which we are faced with a mode of elimination 6 against 6 carried out exclusively by pilots.

The main characteristics of this new game mode are the total absence of titans during the games, thus leaving the pilots to their luck in elimination clashes without reappearances in which the objective will be to eliminate the enemy equipment completely or to take the flag which is in the middle of each of the maps enabled for this close combat game mode.

Live Fire mode does not come alone and with it has brought a new show quite colorful for the pilots, two new maps that will only appear in the game list of this new gameplay: Stacks (Fireplaces) and Meadow (Prado) and an event of double experience enabled only in Live Fire that begins today and will end on Monday 27.

Other changes will come with this new content update in the form of balance of the games and redesign of the interface of the game lists.

This will not be the last free downloadable content that ‘Titanfall 2’ receives during 2017, many more are expected in the remaining months.


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