The next Resident Evil 7 DLC will be starring Chris Redfield

‘Resident Evil 7’ will soon receive a new downloadable content as Capcom had unveiled in its expansion plans for this new installment of the series. We already knew that this DLC was going to arrive in the spring and that it was going to do of gratuitous form for the possessors of the game. What we did not know was that it was going to carry out an old acquaintance of the franchise.

As Capcom has announced through its official Twitter account, ‘Not a Hero’ is the name of this new Resident Evil 7 DLC which will star Chris Redfield, the tough guy who has been present in video games and films of the saga practically from its first delivery. In the captures that accompany the tweet we can see the new modeling of this character, which now comes adapted to current technologies.

At the moment there are few details we know about the plot that will follow the DLC ‘Not a Hero’, although Capcom has indicated that it will be an “independent story.” Apparently Chris Redfield comes to the world of ‘Resident Evil 7’ to pursue something or someone, although as we say we still do not know what mission will have to execute. The release date of this downloadable episode is not even known yet, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to unravel the mystery.

The first free DLC

This will be the third ‘Resident Evil 7’ will receive, but will have the honor of being the first to arrive for free. The two previous downloadable chapters are part of the paid content of the game, which can be unlocked both with the season pass and independently paying for them. The first, ‘Unpublished Recordings Vol. 1’, was available on PS4 since the launch of the main game, while the second, ‘Unpublished Recordings Vol. 2’, was released on February 14. Both arrived in advance to PS4, suffering a delay agreed on PC and Xbox One.


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