The next version of uTorrent will be part of our web browser

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When we refer to everything related to the exchange of files between users through popular P2P networks, one of the first things that come to our mind are related to BitTorrent protocol and different clients that have been specially designed to work with it.

In fact, BitTorrent, created by Bram Cohen, has been running on millions of computers for many years. The truth is that for some time now there has been no change that could be considered significant but now things are going to change substantially.

The thing is that the world of piracy in recent months has been undergoing a profound renewal. In fact it is increasingly clear that the times change even for technology as controversial as content piracy subject to Copyright. As we have already mentioned several times over the last few months, the use of Kodi multimedia software with corresponding add-ons developed by third parties to view copyrighted content for free is becoming more widespread.

It must be taken into account that this is a community in constant movement, and although the use of P2P networks and the exchange of files through the use of the well-known torrent files still have a great acceptance, the versatility that is offered by the mentioned software opens a very attractive field for a good number of users. Perhaps that is one of the main reasons, among many others, for which the creator of BitTorrent has decided to take a step as important as the one we are going to see in a short time.

BitTorrent prepares important changes of operation

Bram Cohen plans to bring its most popular BitTorrent client, which to date has functioned as a standalone tool, to our web browsers, so that it would become an active part of this type of software so widespread and used nowadays. Specifically it is said that the next revision of this application will exchange all kinds of files and will already be running in the default web browser that users have configured on their systems.

It is clear that for all this, the firm itself will carry out a major renovation of the interface as well as a modification of the user experience, all with a multitude of improvements. In fact, we must bear in mind that today, the main client of the company working with this protocol is uTorrent and it has about 150 million active users per month.

As we have said before and is something that has already been commented on several occasions, despite the popularity of this tool, the truth is that the arrival of new features and functionalities has been quite stagnant in recent years. The most important changes were made five years ago when uTorrent released the long-awaited 3.0 version.

However and based on recent statements made by the creator and founder of BitTorrent Inc, Bram Cohen, this will all change in very near future. Specifically in a recent interview he has promised some interesting updates for the user which will directly affect uTorrent. The thing is that the firm BitTorrent Inc. is coming out of a somewhat complicated period in which they have lost large amounts of money but apparently the thing has been calming in recent months, which means that the company is getting back on track.

UTorrent will work from the web browser

There are currently about 50 people working in the company and former technology director Ro Choy has taken on the role of CEO. With this change it is intended that the future of the company would be to start refocusing on products that have been so successful so far, including the popular uTorrent. At this point, it is said that the ads will play a prominent role in the tool, but the most significant change will be that the future version of the client will run directly from Internet browsers.

The BitTorrent Inc. has intended to improve the user experience by integrating it in the user’s default browser. This way uTorrent will be more reliable and users will be able to use the most modern widgets. Likewise, developers will have the opportunity to benefit from this integration by launching features that further enhance this collaborative operation. Therefore the new uTorrent will allow users to share torrents directly from their browser, just as they do on other portals.

Many current features will be kept with addition of several new features to promote the use of streaming in uTorrent. It is true that end users are usually quite reluctant to accept such radical changes, at least initially, but it is also true that the Internet has changed a lot since the first uTorrent came to light more than a decade ago. In fact, most of the applications now coexist more or less directly with the web browser. Now, BitTorrent Inc. knows that it has to follow the same path using its most popular torrent client.

In any case the company wants to go slowly with this change, so it doesn’t impose these new features on users with the arrival of new version until it’s not sure that it will be fully accepted. So they will carry out various tests internally and between particular groups of users, before making it available to everyone.


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