The next Xperia Ear will allow us to hear what happens around us

Sony’s presentation at this year’s Mobile World Congress has begun by highlighting the importance of devices such as the Sony Xperia Ear, the smart headphones that caught the eye last year. This time, the company has taken advantage of to show the Xperia Ear Open-style CONCEPT, the prototype of a new version that will allow us to listen to music and receive notifications without ceasing to hear everything that happens around us.

Taking into account its characteristics, it is a headphone of great utility in different areas. For example, we could use them during the practice of sports or while driving, as they will allow us to hear everything that happens around us without sacrificing an excellent sound and thus improving our personal safety. As Sony explained, its goal is to completely change the way we listen to music and communicate. For this, the company bets on a series of quite interesting characteristics.

Specifically, the open-ear technology is responsible for transmitting the different sounds directly to our auditory channel, which makes it possible for us to hear both the music and the conversations taking place around us, a rather curious sensation. Like the previous Xperia Ear, the new model will have the potential of Sony Agent Technology, a personal assistant that will allow us to use both our voice and gestures with the head to communicate, give orders and access information. Although it may go unnoticed by many, the fact of being able to make head gestures to confirm or reject actions can imply a significant improvement in our productivity.

At this point we cannot deny the potential of the headphones, although considering that they are at a very early stage of development, we will still have to wait so we can have such a device at home. Of course, we will remain attentive to the evolution of its development.


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