The Night Witch will reach Clash Royale on 1st June

clash royale night witch

The Clash Royale Night Witch is about to arrive. Officially it reaches on June 1 with really surprising abilities and powers. So, let’s see what the characteristics of this witch are and how we could modify our strategy to take advantage of it.

During the anniversary event of Clash Royale, Supercell announced the arrival of several new cards in the game for mobile devices. After receiving the Bandit and the Healing, it is the now time for a new legendary card, the Night Witch.

Supercell has confirmed that this new unit will be available in the game from June onwards. From 1st June, Clash Royale players will be able to get the legendary card of the Night Witch, as it has been confirmed from the official account of the game on Twitter. This card will be available from Arena 8 and will offer a similar function to that of the normal Witch. However, in this case it will have more power in melee attacks and the units that will be deployed are bats, rather than skeletons.

With the arrival of this card, the options to expand your deck are diversified. We will certainly see this in many of the games as it becomes available.

From 1st of this June you will be able to include this in your deck but only if you are in the Frozen Peak, the Arena in which this new card will be unlocked.

The Night Witch will have a cost of 4 elixirs and unlike the current games Witch, this new card will attack melee and summon bats, instead of skeletons, that will attack their enemies by air. At level one, the Night Witch will have 750 hit points, 285 damage and 190 damage per second.

All these characteristics make this new legendary card very versatile and help serve the players to defend as well as to attack. Now you only have to wait for 12 days to enjoy this Night Witch legendary card in Clash Royale.

Source: Clash Royale Twitter


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