The Nintendo Switch browser will be based on NetFront Browser NX

nitendo switch

Nintendo Switch, the new and brand new Nintendo console, was put on sale on March 3. It has raised a great expectation among all fans of the saga. But, as you know all those who have been able to tinker with the console, you will know that today its operating system has some deficiencies that need to be remedied or improved. Among them is the lack of a browser or browser that allows us to visit our favorite portals of the network of networks, something they had since day one Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Well, today we have known that this absence will not last long, and we already know the browser Nintendo Switch will use. It will be based on NetFront Browser NX, a browser that have already used the latest brands of the console and whose name has been baptized with a nod to all fans of the company.

According to the data circulating on NetFront Browser NX in portals like Perfectly-Nintendo, points out that it is compatible with HTML5, CSS3, Gamepad API, WebP, WebSocket and HTTP Cache.

Unfortunately, we still do not know when Nintendo will decide to finally incorporate a browser to its new console, but after having chosen decanted the balance by NetFront Browser NX, this will be based on the aforementioned browser.
We will have to wait for a few months for this browser to be officially available to all the users of Nintendo Switch.


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