The Nintendo Switch console that appeared on the leaked video had been stolen

The Nintendo Switch console that on the leaked video had been stolen

A few days ago, everyone saw the video of Nintendo Switch. The video showed its interface, although it had no game installed, which helped many to better understand the possibilities it could offer in the video game industry.

Now Nintendo has pronounced on that video: “the console had been stolen”.

hiphoptherobot, the NeoGAF user who got the Switch, mentioned that he had sent his console back to Nintendo, two days after revealing system features. Without giving much explanation, everyone began to think that the company had forced him to return the console. However, after some time the company mentioned that the device was stolen. Nintendo told IGN that the device was stolen by employees of an American distributor.

The user confessed to Kotaku,

“I understand why they want it back and it sounds like the Switch was illegally obtained before I received it, so wanting it back is within their rights.”

He also explained that he had no idea that the system was stolen until after the videos were made. When he knew the truth, he decided to return it to Nintendo.

Nintendo also commented that it was not the only stolen unit. A small number of these consoles were illegally obtained by an unspecified retailer and managed to reach some consumers.
Nintendo stated,

“Earlier this week, some people mentioned that they bought a small number of Nintendo Switch systems prematurely from an unknown distributor. Nintendo has determined that these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of the US distributor, with a system resold illegally. The individuals involved have been identified, dismissed from their workplace and are being investigated by local enforcement authorities.”

Less than two weeks are remaining for the Switch to hit the market, so soon we will have all the secrets in hand.


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