The Nintendo Switch Touch Screen Comes to Light With This Video

Nintendo Touch

According to a youtuber, it is possible that Nintendo Switch will have touch feature for certain games.

Neither in the official Nintendo Switch presentation, nor in the first trailer of the console, nor in a Nintendo Direct, nor even in the Show of Jimmy Fallon … We still had not seen the touch screen of Switch in operation until now.

This is the first time we’ve seen this technology in a video of a youtuber called GamingWithMe, who moved up to the console presentation event in New York and was able to see how one of the team workers in charge of showing ‘Skylanders Imaginators ‘Touched the game’s touch menu.

The same youtuber explains that during the event, in other stands, he tried to interact with the touch screen but this did not work, so he suspects that it will only be active in certain games.

Other media like IGN España or Eurogamer comment that during the presentation of Nintendo Switch to which they went in London also could not prove this utility: the touch screen was simply deactivated.

However, perhaps without realizing the expectation of tactile functionality, this worker showed youtuber a touch menu with a detailed and fluid response, as you can see from the 6:19 minute of the following video:


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