The Nokia N series is about to return to the market

Talking about the Nokia N series is talking about what could possibly be the best saga of mobile phones ever seen in history. Phones with long battery capacity, with spectacular resistance, some incredible designs. Nokia knew how to do things well.

However, they did not know how to get on the smartphone market and the firm was relegated to the background for years. It seems that this is over, Nokia has things clear and wants to come back stronger than ever. As it could not be otherwise, to re-reign in the market has to return the N range.

The Nokia N series will arrive later this month. Nokia is sending invitations to a conference on February 22 in which they will talk about the N range. We do not know if they have the devices already prepared. We are looking forward to yes, but what is clear is that they are working hard in this renewed N series.

In the invitation we can see “N Series Once More”, which means the N series again. It is rumored that Nokia has the Nokia N81 almost ready, a device that had incredible sales in due course. The truth is that Nokia has always known how to win consumers, and we hope that this year 2017 will do so again.

The return of the N range must go through good cameras, good batteries and a different design to what we are accustomed. In this way they will be able to stand out in the market in a rather simple way. We look forward to the return of Nokia and its N range, with a view to re-reigning as they did years ago.


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