The Original ‘Resident Evil’ is Passed to the 1st Person in a MOD

Resident Evil 7

The already well-known Resident Evil modder and fan, Rod Lima, has shared a new video in which he adds the first-person view that debuted in the recent ‘Resident Evil VII’ to a test with the classic game mansion and models Of ‘Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles’ Wii.

A different point of view

In the video that has been shared we can see how the game takes another tone when moving the camera to Jill’s eyes and although it does not look even as frightening as the last title published by Capcom itself could become an experience that we would like to live to finish the project someday, something with which we do not count at all.

Today we have published a series of content on ‘Resident Evil VII’ in which we tell you how the first person view and other changes suffered in the franchise have not been removed from its roots in this new installment.

Between the things that we have published you can find our analysis, where the title takes a 9/10, an article in which we tell you why it is faithful to the name that carries and of course the video version of said content in our channel Youtube.


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