The Pokémon GO servers fall after the arrival of 80 new Pokémon

Today’s news has reminded us of the furor that was experienced with the launch of Pokémon GO, the augmented reality game for smartphones that revolutionized the market last summer. In the last hours has come the new and expected update of the game, which promised to include 80 new Pokémon and lots of additional items. As a result of the interest generated by these news, the servers of Pokémon GO have fallen completely.

This is bad news for all those users who were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Pokémon (some of which are Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile). There are apparently many users who have experienced these problems, including the inability to log in to the application and random locks due to the load on the servers. Of course, it is only temporary failure that should already be remedied for the majority of users.

Undoubtedly, the fall of the servers will remind many of the regular players of Pokémon GO the problems experienced in the month of July, when the launch of the game took place. Finally, by way of curiosity we take advantage to highlight the return of the silhouettes to the tracker of Pokémon, a characteristic that was eliminated some time ago. Next we leave you with a trailer that shows the main news of the update:


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