The possible price of Nokia 9 filtered on the Net


At the Mobile World Congress we were able to see the big bet of Nokia in the mid-range, and the first time its phone will be accompanied with Android. We were promised that we would see more phones of the company, including more mid-range and of course, a high-end one. Today we see the possible price of Nokia 9.

Nokia has finally dared to return to the smartphone market in the best possible way. They wanted to bet on what people are asking for in their first appearance. Mid-range mobiles, with a very good price, a hardware and software quite solvent and a pretty work design. Now you have to see how the company will do in the high range.

This would be the price of Nokia 9

Every time we are seeing more details about the new devices that remain to come out in this first half of the year. We could already see the features that the new Nokia will have and it will be a full-fledged high-end. Now, it will be necessary to see if its price will correspond to a real phone of high range.

The price of the Nokia 9 will be $700, the same price that the LG G6 will have, so we see that they will bet on everything from the beginning, a very risky strategy seeing that the market is not for many more brands.

This price of the Nokia 9 would turn out to be a high end in all rule, but will have to see if its design and its characteristics comply with the possible price that has just been filtered. In other markets like in Europe, we also see a fairly high price of 749 euros, which means that Nokia promises to to give an amazing experience with this new high range.

We do not yet have a release date for this high end, but knowing the price of the Nokia 9 and its possible design leaked in the days before, we review everything we know. It would have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor along with a double camera signed by Carl Zeiss, which means that we will have to bet on the camera, at least, different from what we are seeing now in the market.

We will have to see if Nokia meets all the expectations it has after doing a very good job in the entry range and mid range with the Nokia 3.5 or 6.


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