The Production of the Google Pixel Has Not Stopped: The Rumors Are False

The alarms jumped when a Reddit user announced that a phone distributor had sent him an email stating that the order he had made months ago was canceled because the Google Pixel XL were not going to produce more. As is normal, being one of the “three phones” that generated the most hype during 2016, the news ran like gunpowder.

But it is not entirely true, and is that Google has finally talked. It seems that Telus has simply run out of stock, so it does continue to actively produce the Google Pixel. They even claim that they were not expecting such sales at all and that is why they have not been able to supply all the distributors, including Telus.

”We are very excited about the demand for the Pixel XL in Canada. Telus has no stock currently for the Google Pixel XL. We are working with our partners to replenish inventory through our retail channels and we can confirm that the production of the pixel has not stopped”, said an official from Google

The little stock has been one of the big problems when it comes to buying a Google Pixel. This is a great phone, but it has this “small” catch. There have been so many buyers that there are units that are even selling at triple price, specifically $1,799, certainly crazy.

Google from now on will have to pay more attention to stock production and its distribution so that in the future it does not happen again with other phones.

We have also heard rumors that Google is deliberately releasing stocks at a slow pace to keep alive the buzz of their smartphones. However, this detail is not confirmed. If your stores are out of stock then keep close watch as the new stock of Google Pixel is about to arrive in a few days.


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