The Professional Difficulty for ‘Hitman’ Will Come With a Greater Challenge and New Rewards

hitman diffuclty level increased

For many players the current difficulty of ‘Hitman’ does not seem sufficient and they are looking for an even greater challenge to face in this game.

The desire of these players will be fulfilled shortly, thanks to the level of professional difficulty, which will test the ability of players within the main missions of ‘Hitman’.

In this mode, the AI will be more complex and will be suspecting more when we bring certain objects with some disguises. These changes in AI will also make it much less forgiving with suspicions and better listen to 47 steps, especially when running.

They have also modified security cameras, adding more in logical places and causing them to detect illegal activities and send guards to investigate.

In this mode we will not have automatic saves and we will only be able to save game once. Failing will make you lose a lot of progress.

The way to get disguises will also be modified, since now we can only get them when we cleanly kill their wearer, making it slightly more difficult to get them and giving a more realistic touch, since I do not think it was a good idea to wear the clothes of someone who has ended up covered with blood.

This level of difficulty can be unlocked by reaching mastery level 20 at all locations of the title and can be used within the missions of the main story. Playing at this level will give us unique rewards, making this experience more appealing.

This difficulty will reach all platforms on January 31, coinciding with their departure in physical format as we explained in this news.


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