The Release Date for Android Wear 2.0 and LG Watches Have Moved Up a Day

According to Evan Blass, both the presentation date of Android Wear 2.0 and that of the two LG smart watches is advanced, going from 9th of February to be the 8th of the same month, which places the event within just 4 Days, or rather 3 and a half days. Presumably it will be an event in which both Android Wear 2.0 and the two LG watches are presented, although there could be surprises, for my part I do not expect anything new.

For the moment, the date of sale that had been established earlier (February 10), continues to remain intact because Blass has not spoken of it. Although for sure it is not known if it will also be advanced or not, but in principle it is still the same day.

Many hopes are in Android Wear 2.0, because if this version of the operating system for wearable devices does not catch the attention of the public, Android will be almost out of the market, or to a large extent, and devices with Tizen or watchOS would occupy its place. Android market in this domain has not grown well and Android Wear has never reached a very large market share.

With Android Wear are expected such interesting features as the arrival of Android Pay, which will undoubtedly be a great revolution in terms of payments, just as it happened when Samsung or Apple Pay launched. On the other hand, it will also be incorporated with functions as interesting as the orb, a function that we can already see in the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S3.

So, the launch date of these wearable have moved up a day and for the moment the day of sale remains intact. This means it will be available to public for purchase on February 10.


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