The RPG ‘Moon Child’ Will be Available for Nintendo Switch

RPG moon child

Despite not having achieved a very successful campaign through Kickstarter, independent studio Kefir Games continues to work hard on ‘Moon Child’, its ambitious RPG action, fantasy and survival project.

The title, which takes us to a world whipped by monsters who want to kill humanity, is being developed for the platforms PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And today a new platform is added.

From their social networks, Kefir Games has confirmed that ‘Moon Child’ is also being developed for Nintendo Switch. However, they also clarify that it is impossible for them to provide any release date, at least for the time being.

This is very good news, as it shows that Nintendo Switch is receiving more and more support from third parties and, among them, independent studies. Since the presentation of the console, held on January 13, have continued to emerge comments from indies that confirm the arrival of more and more games to the coming hybrid console Nintendo.

Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later when the guys at Kefir Games are encouraged once and for all to unveil the release date of ‘Moon Light’ for Nintendo Switch.

‘Moon Child’ takes us to a planet that is dying because of monsters, who for centuries have always sought a way to kill humans. Its dark power is directed to the sun to create an eclipse that covers the entire planet of darkness.
Life goes out and people lose their dreams, their happiness and their hope. Kooy, a native of the Kiowa tribe, will be the only hope to save this small place in the universe of evil jaws.


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